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Below you will find a series of other pages on the Internet that we have found useful or that we support in our work in the field of engineering support services. If you wish your website to appear on this list please contact our webmaster with a request for us to review the content of your site for its applicability.


The Advice Suite™ websites are a series of websites aimed at a number of specialist interest groups across the breadth of engineering support services. Providing advice and assistance to engineers in industry such as bid managers, programme managers, graduate engineers and other non-domain experts they offer introductions to the basic theory along with useful primers, tools and articles on lessons learnt in practice within industry. Sentient Systems engineers support these websites by regularly posting articles and topics for discussion to assist those new to the fields of Integrated Logistic Support, Reliability and Maintainability, Safety, Requirements Management. For further information please visit the Advice Suite™ web site

DSTAN is a part of the UK MOD and its function is to develop, facilitate and communicate UK MOD standardization policies, standards, procedures and guidance on standardization issues. In recognition of our experience and expertise, Sentient Systems have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the DSTAN helpdesk whereby Sentient Systems provide expert assistance to DSTAN's helpdesk in the area of DEF STAN 00-60 Integrated Logistic Support, DEF STAN 00-40 Reliability programmes and DEF STAN 00-55/56 Safety Programmes. For more information please visit DSTAN's web site

The IEE is an innovative international organisation for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals, supporting knowledge and education of engineers in the 21st century and providing a wide array of standards and other services to the engineering industry. Sentient Systems Support the IEE goals of advancing and disseminating information among the community and encourage all of our engineering staff to be active IEE members within the community. For further information on IEE activities or membership please visit the IEE website

The British Computer Society (BCS) is the only Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology (IT). With members in over 100 countries around the world, the BCS is the leading professional and learned Society in the field of computers and information systems and is involved in the development and implementation of standards within IT based projects worldwide. Sentient Systems actively encourages the membership of such organisations among its staff. For further information on the activities or membership of the BCS please visit the BCS website

SaRS is an internationally recognised society whose purpose is to represent engineers and scientists working in the important field of Safety and Reliability. Sentient Systems’ Safety Engineers are active members of this important society, helping them to keep aware of changes and developments within the field. For further information please visit the SaRS website