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Automated Failure Insertion Technology (AFIT)

Sentient AFIT

Sentient AFIT is a failure insertion tool developed specifically for the improvement of system failure mitigation.  Ideal for use during Systems Integration, Verification and Validation, Sentient AFIT can be used to temporarily insert a variety of realistic failures.

Temporary Failure Insertion

With AFIT it is possible to temporarily and quickly insert and remove failures in a controlled way at discrete pin level at the interface of electronic assemblies.

Because failures are introduced and removed under remote computer control at the interface of the subject assembly there is no necessity to "repair" the subject assembly and perform a functional test before another failure is introduced.

Retest between failure insertions can be effected, if required, by simply setting the AFIT in transparent mode for the duration of the retest.

Failures are inserted and removed by programming special AFIT devices temporarily installed by adaptive connectors at the subject assembly interface.  AFIT is configured "in the system".

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