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Configuration Management

It seems that every project you embark on these days adds another level of complexity on its predecessors. Once it was easily possible for a project manager to keep track of the records generated during the project lifecycle, now this task is often beyond the capabilities of any one person. You need a method of formalising and automating this process without significant overhead, in short you need Configuration Management (CM).

Sentient Systems Ltd. has a long track record in working with large companies and complex systems. For this very reason, our engineers are skilled in the use of CM tools in all aspects of a system design. We can:

Work to Your CM Process - Perhaps you have a requirement for Sentient Systems to perform work for you in some other area and are concerned about our commitment to your CM process. We can assure you that all our engineers have been trained and are experienced with working to CM processes, and will instinctively follow your process.

Generate CM Processes - we have engineers who are familiar with the CM requirements for both civil and defence contracts, and who can develop or tailor CM processes specifically for your project in a manner which will cause the least impact, whilst still satisfying the needs of your Customer.

Manage CM - Should you be involved with a large scale development project, you are likely to need a full time engineer (or even a team) to co-ordinate your CM activities. Sentient Systems can help by providing engineering support for the duration of your project.

Whatever your needs, Sentient Systems can provide experienced engineering support in this very specific field, and allow you to free up your own engineers to work on the things they excel in building your products!