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Failure Mechanisms Analysis

Design Engineers know the importance of this powerful technique when it is expertly applied, but often perceive that there are drawbacks.  They argue that is difficult to carry out early in the design cycle and likely to be inaccurate and, as a result, are often reluctant to release design information sufficiently early in the cycle to be useful.  It has to be seen as an iterative process to run concurrently and interactively with design, which is often the reason that it is neglected or not performed very well because over-burdened design staff are expected to do this job as well.

Sentient Systems are aware of these problems and many more, but we recognise above all that FMECA forms a foundation to System Supportability and Safety.  It is therefore imperative that all these problems are overcome. 

Sentient Systems undertake FMECA for all types of equipment: electronic, mechanical, communication, weapon systems, avionics, ship borne, submarine, land vehicles, reactor plant, safety critical systems as well as software systems.

You will not find a more cost-effective solution to your FMECA problem than to use Sentient Systems.