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Life Cycle Costing

A Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis for defence equipment is often a requirement of the UK Defence Procurement Authority (DPA). The DPA expects this to be provided by the supplier, often as early as in support of a bid submission.

The LCC Analysis will quantify the costs of ownership of equipment for its useful life, which may be thirty years or even longer.

Just think what a persuasive sales argument this would be, not only because it told the customer what he really wanted to know, but because you recognised it as an important design parameter and that you had been rigorous in your approach.

No one is pretending that LCC Analysis is easy to do. Certainly there are software tools which purport to help solve the problem and Sentient Systems knows about these but they are generally inflexible and difficult for the novice to use. Mainly, the problem lies in their lack of transparency. You put in a lot of complex data in and out pops a number which you may or may not like, but what do you do about it?

At Sentient Systems we adopt a more flexible and open approach, undertaking and supplying LCC computer models tailored to the needs of you and your customer.