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Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA)

Just what is the best maintenance and repair option for defence equipment? Obviously it depends on the circumstances. In some cases the equipment may be discarded and in others it might be worthwhile returning it to base, as costly and as difficult as that might be. But how do you know the best or preferred option when there are a number to choose from and the User may not have the same opinion as you?

The best maintenance and repair option is determined by Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA). LORA, is part of a programme of work whereby the equipment supplier is required to justify the relative economic and performance levels of repair versus discard options for the equipment when it is in-service. The decisive factor is based on cost but it is engineering rather than accountancy.

A User has to know the best maintenance and repair options for all his equipment to ensure the most effective field logistical support.

LORA is not easy and whilst there are software tools available, they are not satisfactory solutions and in the wrong hands, may yield hopelessly erroneous results.

At Sentient Systems we adopt a more flexible and open approach, undertaking and supplying LORA computer models tailored to the needs of you and your customer..