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Maintainability Engineering

It is a common requirement of defence and aerospace contracts that the maintainability of equipment be quantified and that a recognized procedure is used for this process.

There is no common solution or general model that can be applied to ground based, sea borne or aerospace systems.  Each class of equipment requires a special approach to maintainability analysis and prediction.

The casual user may not easily understand the procedures and it is possible to arrive at convincing but hopelessly invalid results.  Contracts may be jeopardised if the results of subsequent maintainability testing or demonstration do not meet the predictions.  A system, well designed in all other respects, may subsequently fail a maintainability or demonstration test because the prediction was in error.

Sentient knows about design for maintainability, analysis, task time prediction and demonstration.  Contact us and avoid becoming embroiled with your customer over badly planned equipment maintainability.