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Safety Critical Systems

Product liability laws could mean you would be held responsible for the safety of equipment you produce. You could be held accountable if somebody gets harmed whilst using the equipment, doing normal maintenance or even tampering with it in an unauthorised way.

In addition to this, many Requirement Specifications now explicitly call for Safety Analysis to be performed on new equipment. Even if Safety Analysis is not an explicit requirement then it is a wise precaution in terms of your companyís liability.

Sentient Systems has extensive experience in Safety Assessment for Electronic, Electrical, Software and Mechanical Systems. We can provide comprehensive services to identify hazards associated with your products and we have a range of proven techniques to quantify the risk of accidents.  Because we have well-developed systems and have acquired considerable experience in this field, we will be able to deliver solutions for lower costs than could be achieved by your company developing these skills from scratch.

So if you need or would like to discuss any of the following, please contact us for safetyís sake:

  • Company Safety Assessment procedures.
  • Safety Analyses performed for you.
  • Fault Tree Analyses completed.
  • Zonal Analyses.
  • Advice on safety aspects of a system at the design stage.
  • An Independent Safety Audit.
  • Training and support for Systems Safety Analyses.

Sentient Systems has the skills and experience to ensure you meet your contractual obligations within time-scale and at acceptable risk. Contact us for an informal discussion about a project that might benefit from Sentientís support.