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Software Quality Assurance

Sentient Systems Ltd. has been working with UK civil and defence clients for many years. In that time we have built up a clear picture of which software processes work well for a company, and equally important, what processes work badly.

We can provide you with engineers to review your existing software development methods, the tools you use and the nature of your business. This enables us to produce a Software Quality Plan for a single project or for your entire business.

From this Software Quality Plan we can provide further support to build up a set of streamlined software development processes, which remain in line with the current working practices of your software engineers, keeping them on your side, and hence providing you with the strongest chance for improvement.

Our skilled engineers can work with you in many ways a single engineer could work as part of your team in the development of these processes, or we could provide a small team of engineers to develop your entire suite of Software Quality processes, either on your site or in our own offices.

Should you have processes currently in place, Sentient Systems can provide you with support during the lifecycle of your project to assess adherence to these processes, make improvements, where necessary, to existing working practices, and to continuously improve your processes.

Sentient Systems has its roots in Safety, Reliability and Testing, and are therefore well placed to help you in ensuring that your Software Quality processes not only lead to high quality software, but also address any requirements you may have for Safety and Reliability, and strive to ensure maximum testability in the software which you produce.