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Safety Programme Management

Sentient Systems Ltd. have been involved with Safety Critical projects since our inception 25 years ago. Our engineers are fluent with all the associated defence and industry standards (such as Def Stan 00-56 and IEC 61508).

Our System Safety division is one of the cornerstones of Sentient Systems and is staffed by engineers who have occupied senior Project Safety roles with our civil and defence clients. We have managed Safety Programmes for a number of major UK projects including transportation, avionics and communications systems, and can field appropriately experienced engineers in the following key roles:

Safety Analysts at the lowest level, we can provide engineering support to perform any of the key analyses which typically are used for Safety Critical Systems, such as Hazard Identification, Fault Tree Analysis, FMECA and Zonal Analysis.

Project Safety Engineer should you require a more complete package, we can provide Project Safety Engineers who can handle the entire Safety Programme on your behalf. They can plan out your safety programme, conduct the required analyses, manage the safety records (e.g. the Hazard Log), liaise with your senior management and head up Project Safety Committees.

Company Safety Engineer where you have many Safety Critical projects underway, you may need a higher level safety group to observe, guide and independently assess the activities of the project safety groups. Sentient Systems can provide senior safety staff to sit on your company level Safety Review Board, and to manage and conduct these high level safety assurance activities.

Independent Safety Auditor for many Safety Critical projects, there will be a defined need for Safety Audits at a number of stages in your project lifecycle. Sentient Systems have a number of auditors who can provide you with information regarding the requirements of these audits and can also perform these audits for you quickly and efficiently, providing you with clear and detailed reports on the outcome.