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Software Design Support

Sentient Systems Ltd. has a strong track record in software design. Many of our engineers have a formal software background and strong experience in software specification, design, development and test.

Our engineers are up to date with many of the most recent software tools and development techniques and have proven themselves to be flexible enough to handle any special needs which you might have. We can assist with the following aspects of your software development process:

Requirements – our engineers have all undergone training in both requirements capture and analysis (using modern tools such as DOORS) and in the importance of maintaining traceability from all phases of the development process back to the initiating requirements.

Analysis & Design – our engineers are fully conversant with modern methods and practices for software design. We make full use of the Unified Modelling Language (UML) not just for software design, but also in areas of Systems Engineering. Sentient Systems can help you to define your product precisely, and with the minimum of overhead ensuring significant reductions in prototyping or in rework of inadequate designs.

Implementation – Sentient Systems engineers are skilled in consistent and controlled implementation of software against the formal design. Our skill base includes the latest Visual Programming tools (including MS Visual Studio .NET) and other more specialised tools, such as National Instruments LabWindows & TestStand.

Verification and Validation – We treat this final phase with the same rigour and enthusiasm as any other part of the development lifecycle. We handle ‘white box’ and ‘black box’ testing of the software modules, and are particularly proud of our capabilities for defining and executing system tests against the system requirements.

In short, Sentient Systems can provide a single engineer or a small team of engineers who will handle your software problem with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm.