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Software Engineering User Support

Sentient Software User Support services bridge the grey transition between development and maintenance. Sentient provide the post development / acquisition support you need. In most cases support is determined by the software vendor. It can be a long time after you have installed software that you find that support is inadequate or even non-existent.

As well as straightforward commercial requirements our support services encompass and supplement the requirements of DoD-STD-2167A, DoD-STD-2168, DoD-STD-1679A and DEF STAN 00-40.

Sentient Systems has long recognised the vulnerability of engineering software users to inadequately supported software. As Defence Contractors, we know the importance that Procuring Authorities place on software support.

Software engineering development - Sentient can advise your suppliers and plan the post development support that you require.
Software procurement - Sentient can interface with your supplier to plan and specify your support requirements.
Software use - Sentient can be your first line of defence. With Sentient Software Support you have a direct Helpline to a powerful resource.
Software supply - As a software supplier, use Sentient to advise and plan the support you will have to provide to Procurement Authorities.

Multi-variants of software require special support functions. Different hardware installations present special problems. Sentient have a special interest in these problems.