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Test Rig Systems

Sentient Systems undertake all aspects of Engineering Test Rig Design and Construction. This service provides comprehensive but cost-effective engineering solutions to the problems of testing advanced products from the very small to the very large.

It is a service that can embrace all the problems associated with product type testing as well as repetitive production test. We can undertake any individual aspect of the test problem or we could manage your complete test programme:

  • Design and build mechanical test fixtures.
  • Design and build electrical and electronic test equipment.
  • Design and build computer and interfaces to test systems.
  • Design and prepare computer software to control test systems.
  • Preparation of Test Procedures and Specifications.
  • Independent product Type testing and advice on your test programme.
  • Reliability Demonstration testing.
  • Failure Insertion testing.
  • Software Testing.

Talk to Sentient Systems now for a better solution to your test programme problem, and remember, a good test programme starts with the product design. It is never too early to think about testing.

Sentient Systems supply engineering support, equipment and software to industry, universities and the MoD.