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Design Services

Sentient Systems Ltd. has over 35 years experience in designing equipment and software throughout the engineering industry.

Innovating application of both new and existing ideas and technologies.

Developing ideas from concept through prototype to production.

Modelling design prior to implementation to avoid costly mistakes.

Controlling the design process to ensure the quality of the product or service.

Implementing rigorous review to ensure compatibility with plant and equipment.

For detailed information on the services we supply, follow any one of the categorised links below:

  Electronic Circuit Simulation & Analysis we can provide simulation models and experience to support your design. Follow the link to learn more.   Manufacturing Methods & Production Engineering good designs are producible designs. We ensure that our designs are compatible with modern production techniques.
  Electronics Design we can design equipment or whole systems to meet your requirements, just give us a call.   Component Obsolescence this issue is the bane of all electronic systems with long in-service life requirements. We can handle all your obsolescence management issues.
  Thermal Modelling & Analysis Allow us to exercise our complex thermal models to support the thermal design of your system.   Software Quality Assurance good quality processes ensure that your products and services consistently meet your customers' needs. Follow the link to see how we can help.
  Mathematical Modelling see an overview of our modelling experience and find out how we can help you to solve complex engineering problems.